Floral Dimensions- Complete Set of 6 DVD's

MODULE 1: Introduction and Supplies; Raw Edge Applique; Finished Edge Applique; Turning edges to the Wrong Side; Copying a Template; Stems; Tendrils

MODULE 2: Cyclamen Square- Cyclamen; Cyclamen Bud and Leaves; Marigold; Circles. Begonia Square- Begonia. Lily of The Valley Square- Lily of the Valley; Berries

MODULE 3: Centre Square- Dresden Plate Background; Carnation; Daffodil; Centre Motif. Clematis Square- Clematis; Tulips; Chrysanthemum

MODULE 4: Foxglove Square- Foxgloves; Gerbera. Pansy Square- Pansy; Bell Flower; Lily

MODULE 5: Fushcia Square- Fuchsia; Primrose. Hawaiian Square- Hawaiian Applique Background; Passion Flower. Celtic Square- Celtic Applique. Rose Square- Rose, Rosebud

MODULE 6: Quilted Square- Candlewicking and Trapunto; Layering and Quilting. Quilting and Joining the Squares- Quilting the Squares; Joining the Squares. Borders and Finishing- Borders; Corners; Piping and Finishing.



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SPECIAL OFFER!!! Floral Dimensions Book PLUS Floral Dimensions Quilt Book for £30.00!

Buy both of Pauline's Floral Dimension books for only £30!


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Floral Dimensions Book

Learn how to make these gorgeous 3 dimensional applique flowers featured within Pauline Ineson's Floral Dimensions Quilt.


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Floral Dimensions Quilt Book

This book, published by Pauline, offers you the chance to make her whole Applique Quilt (you will also need the Floral Dimensions book published by David and Charles for the instructions on how to make the 3D flowers).


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