Floral Dimensions- Complete Set of 6 DVD's

MODULE 1: Introduction and Supplies; Raw Edge Applique; Finished Edge Applique; Turning edges to the Wrong Side; Copying a Template; Stems; Tendrils

MODULE 2: Cyclamen Square- Cyclamen; Cyclamen Bud and Leaves; Marigold; Circles. Begonia Square- Begonia. Lily of The Valley Square- Lily of the Valley; Berries

MODULE 3: Centre Square- Dresden Plate Background; Carnation; Daffodil; Centre Motif. Clematis Square- Clematis; Tulips; Chrysanthemum

MODULE 4: Foxglove Square- Foxgloves; Gerbera. Pansy Square- Pansy; Bell Flower; Lily

MODULE 5: Fushcia Square- Fuchsia; Primrose. Hawaiian Square- Hawaiian Applique Background; Passion Flower. Celtic Square- Celtic Applique. Rose Square- Rose, Rosebud

MODULE 6: Quilted Square- Candlewicking and Trapunto; Layering and Quilting. Quilting and Joining the Squares- Quilting the Squares; Joining the Squares. Borders and Finishing- Borders; Corners; Piping and Finishing.




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